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International Construction Machinery Shipping

Shipping large and heavy construction equipment and machinery overseas is a big, growing business. Internationalequipment shipping can seem like it would be hard to accomplish, but it is only slightly different from shippingany other vehicles to another country. You just need to study and remember the rules for exporting and importingheavy machinery and large equipment. In order to avoid any big issues, you should hire an experiencedconstruction equipment international shipping company. USA - International shipping has the required knowledgeand experience in construction equipment shipping from USA to countries overseas.

We can provide you the best international shipping quotes to transport your heavy equipment from anywhere in theUSA to Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South and Central America, Asia and the Caribbean Islands.

International equipment shipper from USA auctions & manufacturers
Overseas transport for construction vehicles and mining machinery
USA export shipping for cranes, excavators, dozers, wheel-loaders
Moving high & heavy machinery from USA to countries worldwide

International Construction Equipment Shipping Options:  We can ship your machines or equipment via roll-on / roll-off service or by ocean containers. Ro/Ro service can accept the cargo of any size in AS IS condition. Thetotal shipping cost is based on the total volume of the cargo, so the bigger your machine is – the more it'sgoing to cost to ship it. Some of the machines can be partially disassembled and thus can be shipped inside aregular ocean container which would result in a lower shipping cost.

One of the most common ways of buying used high heavy construction equipment in the USA is through severalequipment auctions. If you purchased a used excavator, back-hoe, bulldozer, crane, wheel-loader or other heavyconstruction vehicle through Ritchie Brothers, Iron Planet, Machinery Trader or any other auction company in theU.S. - our company can transport your machine from the auction site to your final destination overseas. We haveyears of hands-on experience, practice and knowledge required for international equipment shipping from USA to countries around the world.

Auto Export Group will help you to make your purchase inexpensively, simply, and easily. Contact the experts from Auto Expert Group and they will help you with a purchase, transportation, and delivery of any type of heavy machinery from the USA.

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